Thursday, August 02, 2007

Introducing the technology Pundits.

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The image shows some of the 16 famous Brahmin Pundit brothers.

(Pundit is pandit in Hindi, but in ancient Sanskit was pandita, meaning learned, skilled)

Two of these brothers, twins Microbe Pundit and Gmo Pundit, run well known weblogs which have rich collections of articles relating to the modern challenges of biotechnological innovation.

In the photo, Gmo Pundit appears on the high ground to the extreme right.

Microbe Pundit sits right in the middle

In the Pundits' blogs, hyper-linked tags classify the articles in the blogs into different categories, making them easier to search for particular items.

(For instance the current article is tagged Information retrieval - see link below).

Microbe Pundit's blog collections about using new biotechnology for commercial innovation are thus easily accessible via Microbe Pundit's Discovery tab, and by his Innovation tab.

On the other hand, Gmo Pundit's Agric. Innovation tab is useful for finding news and analysis about commercialisation of agricultural technology.



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